Sunday, May 28, 2017

Public Journal?

I just updated my blog description and changed the name. Jedidiah May Blog is the title - simple. catchy, and it serves the purpose for now. It's true in life, just as everywhere else: the more you do, the more you learn. It's also true that the more you study, the more you learn. I believe it's again true that you study harder on what you want to do. When I first started this blog, I did so because I was simply curious how blogging worked, what kind of stuff you could do with it, how easy it was, etc. Well, curiosity fades, and eventually, that "new" feeling is gone. It probably happens to a lot of people. So, what's changed? Why am I starting back to blogging now?

Well, to start, new features! 😁 That's actually somewhat true about there being new features, but it's not the reason. The features and layouts are nice, but I have found something out about myself. Now that the newlywed lifestyle is slowing down, the kids are becoming more self-sufficient, I've got more time. I've discovered I really enjoy writing. I even attempted writing a book (attempted, still on the back burner). That part was pretty cool. And with the Kindle publishing options, I could even get it published myself. Much of that was, again, the "new" features and discovery. I'm a junky. I love learning new stuff. I also love to teach it.

And when I think about it, that's the reason I'm doing a few blogs now. I have one called Path 2 Developer that is chronicling my specific experiences and learning to become a computer programmer/developer. My other blog is called Path 2 Pilot (noticing the cool pattern?). This one, I'm chronicling the journey to actually getting a pilot's license and recording that experience. When I looked up information on both, the information was really sketchy and hard to follow sometimes. Pilot's license information varied so much, it was either so generic you couldn't get any real information or it was so technical, you couldn't understand it. The same was also true for becoming a developer. The information is all out there, but someone who knows nothing about programming would have a very hard time figuring out what to do. So, I feel it would be a good practice for me, as well as to help others, if I logged all of the experiences down.

So, that's my plan. To write everything out. I'm not exactly sure where the Jedidiah May Blog posts will fit in because nearly all of my time is going to be spent either learning to be Tom Cruise from Top Gun or Hugh Jackman from Swordfish. I suppose the interesting things that take place in between will have a home here. Maybe as I get time to actually write crazy ideas, they'll show up here.

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